The "Hitchcock Factory" Sale starts March 1st! We are heading back to the original building where Hitchcock chairs saw their founding for a limited time sale event.

New furniture, restored and vintage pieces, decor, upholstery, and even some new products in our inventory line will be there for you. Get a taste of the good old days, and look to the future of where Hitchcock is heading. See historic Hitchcock memorabilia and artifacts alongside the new furniture still being made in Riverton.

The "Hitchcock Factory" Sale

Starting March 1st

@ The Historic Hitchcock Factory
2 School Street
Riverton, CT 06065

For more information please call
860-738-9958 or email us at [email protected]

While you are in town, check out some of the other great businesses here in Riverton.

Offering Green Mountain Coffee, Breakfast sandwiches, Bagels, Pastries. Serving Boar’s Head Cold Cuts, made to order sandwiches & meat platters. Homemade Soups, Salads & Chili.
Open Monday – Sunday: 6AM – 4PM

Comfortable overnight accommodations with private bath, wifi, cable television a continental breakfast buffet in a historic atmosphere.

Custom Hand-blown glass and art pieces housed in a historic 19th century church.

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